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Author: The Flamingo   Date Posted:20 September 2017 

The Benefits of Educational Toys to Nurture Children’s Creativity

Our kids want to feel like they’re achieving something, that they are capable of coming up with great ideas and awesome inventions. As parents it is our responsibility to nurture this creativity, build their confidence and provide them with the right tools to do so. 

Whilst there is an easy temptation to let them sit on technology, we may be stunting their growth and run the risk of them never developing essential social skills. Using interactive, educational games while they are in these early stages of growth - is vital to their cognitive and intellectual development. There is an importance of hands-on arts and crafts, building games and interactive child and parent games, that technology, no matter how interactive, just aren’t able to provide.  

From ages two to five, children go through rapid physical and intellectual developments, developing skills such as hand-eye co-ordination, speech, inquisitive curiosity, social interaction and an interest and exploration of their surroundings. From little explorers taking their first steps, to starting kindergarten and developing social skills - it is so important that, us as parents, do what we can to stimulate growth, encourage self confidence and make them feel that they, as our little inventors, can achieve anything they set their mind to. 

Physical games and toys have such a significant influence in our child’s learning - perhaps more so than we realise. Not only do these games enhance and stimulate their cognitive behavior but assist in helping them feel apart of something and nurturing their creativity - sparking the little inventor inside of them. With games like play dough and building blocks - they are able to see in physical form, something they themselves have created. This, not only activates their imagination and sense of self awareness but helps them to see what they are capable of achieving and creating. Craft games, like painting sets, bottle sand art and superbeads activate their focus and an increased attention span as they work towards completing a tangible piece of art whilst still having the freedom to choose colours and design. 

Arts and crafts toys stimulate a sense of individuality and physical learning while interactive games you play with your children focus more on the social, emotional and intellectual learning. 
The Victorian Education and Training Department encourages playing games with your children to learn about the world through listening, looking, touching, tasting and smelling.

Encourage your child to stack blocks - then take some away. This activates an understanding of maths and numeracy.

Put several toys in a bag and ask your child to put their hand in and describe the texture of a toy - describing objects assists in children's language development. 

Educational games and activating our children's imagination is vital for their development and cognitive awareness. We want to activate our kids creative minds, build their confidence and encourage them to feel they are capable of creating awesome inventions!

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