Play&Go Toy Storage Bags and Kids Play Mats

Author: The Flamingo   Date Posted:27 September 2017 

Play&Go - The fun & stylish solution for kids to store their toys!

Looking for Building Bricks, Dolls or Toy storage solutions that double-up as interactive play mats for kids?

Play&Go Storage Solutions have you covered with their huge range of fun stylish toy storage bags that transform into a play mat!

Play&Go Toy Storage Bags are available in a variety of stylish designs to fit your home décor. They are a fantastic multi-purpose storage bag and play mat for children, which are great for teaching your kids how to tidy up after playtime!

The bag measures 140cm in diameter to serve as a fully functioning play mat for your children. To return the bag to its storage function, simply pull the drawstrings. Made from premium cotton under world-class environmental standards, the material is soft and comfortable for a baby to lie on, yet durable and reliable for toy storage

The Play & Go OMY Colour Your Own Toy Storage Bag
This exciting OMY Art Mat comes with 3 felt pens for children to colour in the black and white design - then throw it in the wash to clear their drawings and let them start colouring again! 

The Play & Go Roadmap Toy Storage Bag
This design offers an adventurous race track for kids to play with toy cars, trucks and vehicles - unleashing their inner storyteller and sense of make-believe!

The Play&Go Flamingo Toy Storage Bag
This vibrant and colourful flamingo design is the perfect play mat for babies and toddlers. Store wooden toys in style, this bag is a must have for every nursery. 

Our favourite design is OMY Colour Your Bag Art Mat because of its arts and crafts concept for the little artist to colour in and if they make a mistake, you can simply wash it and they can start again!

Save time when tidying up and keep your kids toys stored in one place with these must have toy storage systems for your home by Play&Go

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